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April 19 2018


Elevate Fashion Statements with Custom Clothing

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There are times when ordinary fashions will not make the impression desired. When the style has to be bold and the fit perfect, only custom men's suits will do. Having one or two suits and a few shirts can stretch the wardrobe to accommodate any occasion. The important presentation at work, a formal fundraiser, or a fancy wedding will not catch you off guard if there is a custom suit in the closet.

More Cost-Effective than Realized

Most people consider custom made clothing a frivolous expenditure reserved for a wedding day tuxedo. Considering that a custom shirt, shoes, pants, or complete suit will be of the highest quality, the investment is actually cost-effective long-term. Buying one pair of dress shoes that will last a lifetime will save money over replacing inferior shoes over the course of a few years. Renting a tuxedo for every formal occasion will add up quickly and exceed the price of a custom made one.

Why Not Buy Online?

Purchasing anything that is supposed to be custom is not possible online. Experienced designers and tailors are needed to have something created from scratch that will fit the unique contours of your body. Many are disappointed with what arrives at the door. They have to spend extra money having a tailor make several alterations. No money is saved when that is necessary.

Some websites do not accept returns or provide refunds so people are stuck with clothing that cannot be worn. Going online to a website of a custom clothing company, such as www.Chookhare.com, is wise to know what to expect of the process and schedule a consultation with a designer and tailor. The site also provides the showroom locations through the United States. There are eight showrooms in major cities like Dallas, San Francisco, and New York City.

How Long Does It Take?

Every custom garment is made from scratch, which cannot be done properly overnight. The typically turnaround time is fourteen to thirty days. There are some companies that can accommodate rush orders, but it is better to plan ahead and start the process at least two months in advance of a special occasion.


The total cost of custom clothing differs depending on the item, the fabric selected, the details, and the level of customization required. Some offers, special gift experience options, and a discount off the first garment can be discovered only at Chookhare.com. Leave an email address for notifications and special events as they are scheduled.

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